A new addictive action puzzle game where you control gravity; shifting and popping groups of circles to score big.
Made for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
in the App Store!

Basic Gameplay

Tap groups of two or more to clear them from the stage. The bigger the group, the larger your score.
Blocks always stay in-place. Use them to your advantage when rearranging the circles.
To rearrange circles, control and change gravity by tapping the arrows. You can also swipe the screen with your finger or tilt the device.

Game Modes

Casual Mode
See how many points you can get in just 5 stages. No time limits, no limit on moves.
Frenzy Mode
Face off against the clock to pop as many circles as possible as new ones appear and time gets shorter and shorter!
Marathon Mode
Be efficient and see how far you can get by clearing each stage in a limited amount of Moves. Don't forget to use Blocks and Gravity to your advantage!
Multiplayer Mode
Design your own grid and challenge your friends or even random strangers online to some one-on-one!
Created by Jonathan Sibley & Andrew Shah
© 2012 Dewpoint Creations, Inc